Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Welcome to the world of Aegeus

Welcome traveler to our world. The world of Aegeus...

Aegeus is a new project bringing the rich mythology of the countries surrounding the Aegean Sea to the tabletop. Combining several thousand years of history into a fantasy game where man stands beside beast as the mighty states war against one another and the gods stretch out and grant favour to their champions.

Our goal is to develop our own skirmish system and miniatures range of heroic 28mm miniatures, initially we will be releasing 2 or 3 factions as starter sets with additional troop choices, however there are 7 factions currently being planned and there is plenty of scope beyond that to broaden the range.

The ruleset being developed is aimed smooth play limiting the number of modifiers and rule book checking to give a slick flowing game where players can concentrate on the action rather than whether x or y rule applies. We were keen to include command and control at the core of the game alongside a robust combat system which had to be scalable to allow anything on the table from an Athenian Hoplite to a mighty cyclops.

Command and control revolves around the use of "command" tokens drawn blind, these tokens include all actions from basic move and attack commands to faction specific special abilities. It is up to the player to use the tokens drawn in the most appropriate manner. The players are allowed to hold a small reserve pool of tokens to ensure that they are never totally without options however tactical use of combinations of command tokens is the core of the system.

Combat is resolved around special combat dice, the number and type depend on the unit, by combining these dice and a number of unit traits you get combat results from strikes on your enemy, to forcing them back giving a fluid combat where you can break lines and strategically break up forces to divide and conquer.

That's it for the moment, We'll be revealing more details over the coming weeks including early concept artwork, more details on rules and of course world and faction backgrounds.


  1. Sounds interesting will have to keep an eye out

  2. Very cool you guys! I look forward to following your progress on this endeavour.