Sunday, 10 June 2012

Announcing the Athenians

One of the first factions we are developing for Aegeus are the renowned warriors from the city state of Athens.

The Athenian City State is one of the wealthiest and most intellectually advanced cultures in the Aegean. They prize cultural pursuits such as the arts above all else.  Their armies are a well trained and well equipped fighting force, lead by highly educated commanders and young heroes eager to prove their mettle on the field of battle or slaying mythical creatures in far off lands.

Athenian City State Infantry form the core of the Athenian Army, they are proud warriors, capable of fighting with a broad range of weaponry. Well equipped they are and trained to shift between solid shieldwall formations, open skirmishing and deliver stinging counter assaults. 

From the northern borders of Athenian Territory the tribes of centaur and satyr muster troops for war, a condition of their settlement on Athenian Lands. These tribes, forced from their homelands in the broad plains of Thessaly sought a new home and the King of Athens realising their potential on the Battlefield took them in. Powerful units of Centaur cavalry now ride alongside the armoured hoplites of the Athenian army, as nimble satyr archers skirt at the sides of the battlefield protecting the armies flanks and adding a ranged punch to the force.

With that in mind the Athenians forces have been designed around their use of hoplites and armoured infantry, with additional special units to be used for specific battlefield roles. Below is a selection of the initial concept art for some of the warriors of the faction, below are 2 basic hoplite infantry armed with the traditional long spear and rounded shield:

There will also be a more heavily armoured elite infantry.

Following on from these below is one of the generic hero concepts for the Athenian Faction.  The artwork includes front and back views on this occasion. 

I'm really chuffed with the artwork so far, the miniatures are intended to be at the premium end of the market and I wanted a lot of dynamic movement and mid action poses to reflect that. Emma ( done Sterling work so far and I'm keeping her busy with more work over the coming months. 

Next up should be some concept art for Theseus, one of the Athenians greatest heroes, hopefully should have it within the next week or so, I may also find some time to feed in a little more about some of the unit choices available for the Athenian Faction before we move onto the second faction in Aegeus, the Minoans. 


  1. Lovely artwork, if you can get your sculptor to replicate those action poses nicely these will be great minis. I didn't realise you two were planning on doing your own miniatures line as well so I'm intrigues to see how you go about doing this from start to finish. Hopefully Phyllion will give me a game of it sometime and I can see what its all about. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Samulus, I've wanted to release my own range of miniatures for many years, Phyllion is mainly on board to help me make a decent set of rules that we both enjoy playing and stop me from get carried away into my own madness.

    I'm fairly sure he'll be happy to run you through some games, we've only got one set of dice and tokens at the moment but I'll be getting some extras done later this month and we'll both will hold a set.

    As for watching it from beginning to end well it's all new to me and but I'm keen to get this off the ground and see if I can make it happen.

  3. New concept art looks really nice.

    Heya Sam - yup that's the plan. We're working on the rules now and some test-forces. More to paint, as always!